To which regions do you provide logistics services?

– We have a wide geographical coverage both nationally and internationally. As ATOS, we offer seamless logistics solutions thanks to our extensive network across the world.


What kind of logistics service do you provide?

– We offer a wide range of services including our main services such as sea freight, air freight, road freight, warehousing, customs clearance, etc.

Can we get information about your storage services?

– We provide safe and efficient warehousing services in 3PL warehousing facilities equipped with modern systems.

How long does the delivery time take?

   – Delivery time may vary depending on the type of shipment, the destination and the chosen transportation method. You can usually contact our customer service for more information on delivery time.

What are your sustainability and environmentally friendly practices?

   – By adopting environmentally sound logistics practices, we take various measures to reduce our carbon footprint. We are active in recycling, fuel conservation and other environmental measures.

How is pricing done?

   – Pricing varies depending on the type of shipment, size, weight and services selected and requested. For more information and a quote, you can contact our customer representatives.

What Should I Do About Damaged or Lost Shipments?

– You can ask your representative for information on what procedure you should follow for problems with damaged or lost shipments.

How are Payment and Billing Procedures Conducted?

   – You can get information about payment options, billing process and billing details from your representative.

Can I get information about security and customs procedures?

– You can get information about the security of your shipments and the measures taken by our company for customs clearance from your representative.

Are There Insurance Options?

– Ask your representative about the options and policies for insuring your shipments.

What are your Transportation Tools and Equipment?

– You can get detailed information about the features and advantages of the transportation vehicles and equipment used from your representative.

How the Processing and Monitoring Processes Work

– You can get information from your representative about how you can get information about the processing and tracking processes of your shipments and how you can follow the process.

Are There Any Current Campaigns or Discounts?

– You can get information about current campaigns, discounts or special offers from your representative and take advantage of their benefits.

Do you offer Emergency and Specialized Transportation Services?

     – Ask your representative about the services available for your emergency or special transportation needs.

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